Calculate how much money you have saved during Corona

Calculate how much money you have saved during Corona

Money!! Corona‚Äôs time, meaning the last five months or so, has shown us a changed situation on various issues.  It also gives an opportunity to rearrange all the old ideas.  It has also given birth to new ideas about health, education, trade, jobs, etc. There is little doubt that these will become part of our lives in the future.

The least important thing we can do is save.  The idea is, there is no money, what to save?  But during this time of coronation, we saw that almost everyone thought that if the work was stopped for a month or two, then they would have to give up whatever they had accumulated. 

And what would happen if the job was lost in Corona’s Damadol or the business could not be started anew? Bigger than that, the days ahead will be difficult for middle and low-income people.

The most pronounced word in the coronal period is death.  Then there is probably the more pronounced word economy.  Many countries have also relaxed the lockdown, putting aside all worries of death and infection in order to save the economy. 

Many countries have opened their borders to boost their economies, welcoming tourists.  If this is the situation in a country, then what is your situation as a person?  Think, think anew.

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Why you save:

Experts say that in the next two years, the impact of corona may fall on us again and again.  But no one has yet decided what the features will be.  It is also expected that the lockdown will be more severe in the coming days.

Otherwise, the death rate cannot be reduced.  As a result, you may be stuck in the house for a long time.  And if that is the case, then this experience means that the job and business situation will be worse then.  It is difficult to start a new business or find a lost job.

Just as the uprooted people stood in line for relief in this year’s lockdown, so did the middle and small businessmen, the working people, and the middle and low-income people. At least that’s what we’ve seen in the media and in the news of relief efforts. 

There may be accounts of deaths from corona infections, but who keeps track of people who die in the worry of saving a family?

This year’s lockdown has shown us that there is little difference between the lives of middle-class workers and those of a rickshaw puller or a beggar on the sidewalk.  If the economic flow is not uninterrupted, then just as those people will not eat in a week’s lockdown, so can middle-class workers in a two-month lockdown.

Commodity prices will continue to rise in the coming days.  The field news is that the price of paddy has increased even in the busy boro season as compared to last time.  Farmers are expecting the price of paddy to go up further.  According to experts, the price of paddy will increase this time as well.

In other words, the price of paddy will continue to rise throughout the year.  If the price of the paddy goes up, the price of rice will go up naturally.  Due to the lockdown, the companies that could not do business during Eid, especially restaurants, fashion houses, they will increase the price of their products, even if it is to the detriment of something. 

So there is no doubt that prices will rise even if the prices of commodities do not double everywhere, from essentials to luxury goods.

So think about saving, so that you don’t have to worry about living with your family in the new situation.

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How to save

What lessons have you learned in the last five months?  Health awareness or casual life?  To prevent infection, health awareness is a must to stay healthy.  But have you noticed that during this time of coronation you have become accustomed to unpretentious life without your knowledge?  A lot of unnecessary things have taken their toll on your life.

Notice, your dining table is healthier than before and it costs less.  You have spent time under house arrest without eating outside.  There are very few people who buy luxury items or unnecessary things without the necessary purchases during the whole time of lockdown. 

Due to lack of vehicles, he went to almost all the nearby places on foot in case of an emergency.  It has reduced your travel costs more than you expected.  Many of your bad habits are controlled automatically, which you didn’t even notice.  The cost of the book has not increased.

Sit down to calculate all this with your family in mind.  You will see that the money you have saved is enough to turn your head.  Calculating can also increase your heartbeat. 

Use these good habits in the future and see that you can save a large part of the money you used to earn every month.  Remember, savings do not just mean depositing money in a bank;  Specifically, well-controlled spending or controlled living are also big savings.

Warren Buffett is one of the richest people in the world.  The thing is, don’t put all the eggs in one basket.  If for some reason your basket is damaged, there is a risk that all the eggs will be completely destroyed.  The tendency to keep money in the bank is good, but without it, you can save by saving unnecessary expenses.  Instead, develop two habits that will increase your storage space.

Future savings

1.  Maintain all the good habits of coronal lockdown in the days ahead.

 2.  In the future, many small commercial enterprises will be formed with very little capital.  If possible, invest in them.  Or start with a few of you.  But do not invest money anywhere thinking it will be a lot of profit.

 3.  Banks will announce many savings schemes ahead.  Find out more about them.

 4.  Encourage everyone in the family to figure out how to spend less than they can afford.

 5.  Think about how you can make life easier.


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