Coronavirus treatment is not on its own.

Coronavirus treatment is not on its own.

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Following the spread of coronavirus infection, many countries have become increasingly prone to self-medication. There is a high risk of the opposite.  It is not advisable to take any medicine without the advice of a doctor. Coronavirus can be dealt with if you are aware of some things at this time of the epidemic.

1.If there are any symptoms of fever or corona, do not panic and separate from the rest of the family.  Then pay close attention to your symptoms.  Mild symptoms of coronary heart disease occur in most cases.  The patient recovers from the symptomatic treatment.  That is why it is not right to ignore the problem at all.  This can cause danger to yourself and your family.  Any fever or suspicious symptoms should be taken seriously at the time of the epidemic.

2. If corona is detected, take common paracetamol for fever.  You can take vitamins and minerals to increase immunity.  If you have a cough, take hot steam, drink hot ginger tea.  Get enough rest.  Eat nutritious food.

3. If you take medicine before the disease is diagnosed, you may not catch the real disease.  There may also be side effects of the drug.  At this time dengue, pneumonia or typhoid can cause fever.  So taking antibiotics at the beginning can be a problem in diagnosing the real disease.

4. The cause of shortness of breath is not just to do.  Asthma, chronic bronchitis, heart disease, etc. can be the cause of this problem.  Therefore, if you take the medicine on your own, the real disease may not be caught in this case.  As a result, the problem can take on complex shapes.

5. Corona treatment is done not only on the basis of the PCR test report but also on some other ancillary reports.  So if you start taking the medicine on your own, other problems like blood clotting, any new lung complications, liver or kidney problems, etc. will remain unmarked.


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