European countries are taking strict action in Corona

European countries are taking strict action in Corona

The countries most affected by the Corona epidemic are taking more steps on Friday to fight the growing infection.  The number of coronavirus detections worldwide has exceeded 21 million.  This information was given in the report of the news agency Reuters on Saturday.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security says, it is increasing restrictions on unnecessary travel across the Canadian-Mexican border, throughout September to reduce the rate of coronary heart disease.

The UK has made a two-week quarantine mandatory for French nationals coming to their country.  France has been added to the list of quarantine countries from Saturday.  The second wave of corona infections is currently underway in Paris.  

Since May, the number of infections in the country has exceeded 2,500 per day on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  The country’s police have made it more mandatory to wear a mask when leaving.

Garmany police
Garmany police

Police in Paris have warned that, wearing masks could be mandatory if the epidemic worsens. No more than 10 people can get together without maintaining social distance.

Spain has said it is closing down all nightclubs as well as street smoking.  The number of identities in the country has crossed three thousand in 24 hours last Thursday.

Germany says all Spanish citizens must show a Corona Negative Certificate or 14 days of quarantine to enter their country.  Strict rules have also been imposed in Austria, Albania and Siberia.

According to the AFP news agency, the number of identified Covid-19 crossed 21 million on Friday. 7 lakh 55 thousand people died at that time.  

The highest number of deaths in the United States, 1 lakh 68 thousand 318 people.  Then there are 1 lakh 5 thousand 463 in Brazil, 55 thousand 293 in Mexico and 48 thousand 40 in India.

Along with Spain, France and the Netherlands have now been added to the US quarantine list.  The country gave the first quarantine exemption to these countries.

Corona prevention and lockdown reliance around the world depend on effective ticks.  The UK said yesterday it had confirmed receiving 90 million doses of two potentially promising tickers.

Vietnam says it is considering buying the Sputnik vaccine from Russia.  However, researchers in the West have expressed concern about the rapid adoption of the vaccine.

Washington says if a vaccine proves effective, it will be made available to U.S. citizens free of charge.

Mexico and Argentina, the two worst-hit countries in Latin America, say they are going to sign production contracts to get the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine early next year.

A second wave of coronavirus infection has begun in New Zealand.  Auckland, the country’s largest city, has gone into a 12-day lockdown.  The country’s successful efforts to prevent the first wave of corona infection have been praised around the world.


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