Living together with bacteria
Living together with bacteria-what's bacteria?

Living together with bacteria

Bacteria are a constant part of human life.  Not only companions, but their number is also so high that it is frightening to hear. With the tiny cells that make up the human body, buildings are built just like a brick after brick.  Not only is the number of bacteria more than that of the cell, but it is also about 10 times more. That was the thing that we knew for so many days.

But recent new research shows that the number of bacteria is actually much lower than expected.  About 10 times less.  This means that the number of bacteria is almost equal to the number of cells in the human body.  A team of researchers from Israel and Canada reported new information.  They estimate that the number of bacteria in the human body is about 40 trillion.  The number of cells in the human body is about 30 trillion.  That is 1.3 times the number of bacteria compared to the cell.

The previous study was from the 80s of the last century.  TD Lucky of the University of Missouri at Columbia then calculated that there were 100 trillion bacteria in the human body.  And the total number of cells is 10 trillion.  That is 10 times more bacteria than cells.  For so long this idea has spread like a myth.

The study found that the average person is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 60 kg.  Most of the cells in our body are red blood cells, numbering about 29 trillion.  The remaining 1 trillion is the number of all other cells.  Although the muscle is ahead as the mass, the number of cells but the red blood cells are ahead.  In other words, if someone’s mass is much higher, but the number of cells in the body will not increase much.  Because muscle and body fat are mainly responsible for obesity.

In that case, the number of cells does not increase much. Similarly, if the mass is high, the number of bacteria will not increase much.  Again, the amount of bacteria in the body of girls is higher than that of boys.  This is because the concentration of red blood cells in girls is lower than in boys.  For this reason, the number of bacteria in the body of girls is more than that of boys.

About 39 trillion bacteria (out of 40 trillion) of the body live in our colon.  Such a huge amount of bacteria is present in the colon weighing only half a kilogram.  Since most of the bacteria are located in the colon, about 1/3 of the bacteria are eliminated from the body during our bowel movements.  

Now the question is, does the release of such a large number of bacteria cause any adverse effects on our body? The answer is no. This is because the bacteria present in the body are constantly engaged in reproduction.  That is, just as much bacteria are expelled, almost the same amount of bacteria is born in a short time.

These are huge numbers of bacteria, but these are essential for our body.  These 40 trillion bacteria are our daily companions, so they are our friends.  We are traveling with so many friends, just think!

Sources: PLOS Biology Journal and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


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