New world new life in Corona

New world new life in Corona

As children, we looked forward to school holidays all year round.  Final exams at the end of the year, then leave.  Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable.  There is no rush to wake up in the morning. 

Even if it is a little late to play in the afternoon, there is less risk of gossip, you don’t have to hurry back in the evening to sit down to read.  Going on vacation means going to grandparents or grandparents for a few days.  Someone once went to Cox’s Bazar. This is it. But there is no limit to this joy.

Now, of course, you are on vacation.  But this holiday is not like that holiday.  For the last 100 years, the children and teenagers of the world have not tasted such a holiday.  The coronavirus outbreak that started in Wuhan, China has caused panic all over the world in a matter of months and all the schools and colleges in the world have been closed since March.

Children and teenagers have all entered their homes, including their parents.  The parents slowly started going out to work, but the children are still trapped in the house.  The possibility of opening a school-college or making everything normal is not seen at the moment.

Normal?  Will everything really be the same as before?

Will not. Scientists say that what will happen is New Normal. New normal!! The world we come out of will no longer be the world we used to be.  We have to adapt to the new world.  We have to learn to live in a new way.  But what will be the new normal?  How can we adapt to that new world?

World of corona virus
World of corona virus

Education is changing

 In the meantime, you have noticed that the style of study has changed a lot.  Now many of you are studying at home.  School teachers or home tutors have started teaching online, video calls.  Somewhere the test is also being done online.  There are also classes on television.  At first glance it may seem a bit like that, but already many are becoming quite accustomed to studying this new rule.

Although the coronavirus epidemic has subsided, much of our study may remain in the distance in the future.  Maybe many of you will have the opportunity to study at your favorite university in a distant country after a few years at home.  New Normal can open the door to these new opportunities and possibilities for us.  Again, there is a downside.  It is feared that many students will fall victim to this epidemic.

Many will be forced to drop out of school-college.  There are many reasons behind this, the main reason being economic.  The rest is lack of opportunities.  We need internet, television or at least a good mobile phone to study at home.  Not everyone everywhere has this advantage.  In the college where I study, there are also some foreign students.  At the beginning of the lockdown, they moved to their respective countries.

When we finally started taking their online classes, a boy from faraway Kashmir told us that he had to walk to a cybercafe about 20 kilometers away from his home to take the class!  Understand the situation.  Then New Normal is not the same for everyone.  Yet in the meantime we must survive.  It will be a new struggle for you.  You have to prepare for this from now on.

No more sports?

Not only the world of children’s play, but also the game of adults has changed. The big football clubs have started playing, but there are no spectators on the field. In practice, there are various restrictions on the rules of the game. Your sport is also changing. If you want, you can’t play football or cricket in school or in the neighborhood. You used to be a little addicted to mobile phones and computer games, but this time it has increased. But I will say, with this opportunity we can bring back the old games.

At one time, carom, ludo, and chess were popular in villages, towns, and neighborhoods. We can bring that day back together with everyone in the house or at least the children in the building. I swear the joy and excitement are no less than your computer game or Xbox. And yes, monopoly, Scrabble-like games can also be played. Those who have space in front of the house or on the roof can play badminton, table tennis.

But the sport is needed. For physical fitness; Scientists say that sports and exercise produce a hormone called endorphins in the brain, which keeps us happy. So it is better for siblings, parents, or children in the flat next door to learn new sports rules. When it is not clear how long this bad time lasts, then tell us why we will sit?

Take care is other.

There is no such thing as routine?

The biggest change in our lives due to coronavirus is that the routine has been ruined. You don’t have to get up in the morning with the alarm on the clock, it’s past 10 to 11 to have breakfast. There is no such thing as tiffin time. Sleep is also upside down. But remember, we have a clock inside our body. His name is Biological Clock. From time immemorial, people wake up when the sun rises, work all day and sleep at night. According to him, our body’s hormones and neurochemicals fluctuate. Now if we turn the tide of this biological clock completely upside down, the rhythm of these hormones and neurotransmitters is lost.

As a result, fatigue, inattention, fatigue, body aches, forgetfulness, irritable mood — these can be problems. So don’t turn the clock upside down. Try to get up at least eight or nine, not six in the morning. Eat and bathe on time, and try not to be too late to sleep. Make a routine of your own. That routine includes reading, indoor sports as well as helping parents with housework, gardening on the porch or rooftop, video calling or talking on the phone with friends or grandparents, drawing pictures, reading story books or singing and dancing (which is also online). Can be) try to keep. You will see that the days are no longer boring. Divya is cutting.

Health awareness

As I said before, the outside world will never be the same again. Now maybe we have to wear a face mask to go out. Walking around a friend’s neck will no longer be possible. At tiffin time, one cannot touch another’s water flask or tiffin box. You can’t run back and kiss Grandpa’s cheek. But we need these rules to survive. We need to absorb these to survive the virus. So it is better to prepare in advance.

Repeatedly wash your hands at home, follow the etiquette of sneezing and coughing, wear a face mask, do not touch your nose and mouth, and observe physical distance. People are slaves to habit. You see, even if we want to, we are not doing anything by gathering the crowd and pushing.

Everyone is standing in line with empty space, getting on the bus with their hands clean or being careful even if they go to eat at a restaurant. These are not bad habits at all; It is always better to follow hygiene and healthy habits. It seemed to be imposed before, but if everyone gets used to it together, it will stand by the rules.

Enjoy life

As you know, experts say that surviving and surviving in 2020 is a big victory. The rest can be thought of later. Many of you can make a big difference in your family. This is the year when many parents have lost their jobs, money problems, forced to move home or school, death of their loved ones. But the big thing is that we survive in this. That is the great achievement.

So we will not feel bad for what we have lost. I will not regret the life left behind. What a new world will be like, how a new normal life will be enjoyed; Let’s think about that. This can be as exciting as discovering a new country or a new planet. Maybe all of you together will build this new world. But this is not the fate of everyone throughout the ages. It is very exciting to break the old and build a new one. Get ready to enjoy it.


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