What is the secret of South Korea’s success?

What is the secret of South Korea’s success?

South Korea is one of the first countries after China to attack Covid-19 on a large scale. But what the United States or many European countries have done wrong, South Korea has not done. South Korea has dealt with the epidemic from the very beginning under strict rules.

South Korea has greatly reduced the spread of the virus without lockdown across the country. These steps by the country can be followed by other countries and civil society.

The question is how did South Korea? The first thing that has played the biggest role in this case, it is now known to almost everyone.

That is, in dealing with corona, the South Korean government has focused on extensive health testing (aggressive testing) and contact tracing or finding people who have been in contact with an infected person. At the same time, they have given utmost importance to ensuring the personal safety of doctors and health workers.

However, testing and tracing alone could not stop the spread of the virus. Civil society, including the country’s non-governmental organizations, NGOs, and trade unions, has been closely monitoring the situation.

They have kept an eye on the responsibility and accountability of the government. As a result, there was less opportunity for negligence in the discharge of government responsibilities. In other words, South Korean society has played an important role in activating the government in dealing with the epidemic.

South Korea

The government has quickly produced high-quality test kits through government technology and private manufacturers and has set up a system to check the health of a large number of people with maximum speed. Government health centers have played a central role in this regard.

The South Korean government has taken this step at the very beginning of the corona outbreak in the country, as a result of which the number of testing centers in the country is now more than 700. In addition, there are 60 drive-through centers, from where health workers quickly drive to the suspect and come to check.

Thus, South Korea is now able to test the corona of 20,000 people every day. Apart from this, arrangements have been made to conduct health examination and first aid of the suspects completely free of cost.

As soon as a person is diagnosed with coronavirus infection, he or she is sent to quarantine by the local government; His identity and history of his recent destinations and movements have been revealed. People who came in contact with him were able to go to the quarantine knowing where he had gone and what vehicles he had used.

Authorities relied on mobile phone GPS data, credit card transaction records, and CCTV footage for contact tracing. The use of these personal data is legal in South Korea and has been instrumental in preventing viral infections. However, it has been accused of violating privacy. The country’s human rights commission has called on the government to be careful about disclosing the names of victims.

The role of trade unions and NGOs in the Corona War is much greater. Trade unions have a role to play in paying wages to help workers who have lost their jobs stay at home. NGOs have directed the government to ensure that basic human rights are not violated.

The government has adopted a liberal policy towards immigrants. As the government has announced, if an illegal immigrant comes for a health check-up, he or she will not be detained or deported at a later date. The biggest issue is that the government has moved forward in coordination with the private sector. The goodwill of both parties has made the task easier.


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