Vitamins role during Coronavirus.

Vitamins role during Coronavirus.

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Coronavirus or COVID-19 transmission is discussed in the world of adoption of various vitamins and minerals from the beginning of the infections. At the time of all the smaller-stars have started eating vitamin-mineral supplements. What is it beneficial, and what is the scientific information or dupatta in this regard?

One of the reasons for decreasing the power of disease is malnutrition and vitamins, lack of minerals.

Earlier, various studies found that some important vitamins deficit increase various types of infection risks. For example, children who have a shortage of vitamins, measles, diarrhea, respiratory diseases are more. Vitamin De Relations with Influenza and Hepatitis is already proved.

Research is going on with Vitamin De relations with Covid-19. Scientists believe that this virus attacked the most people, especially in the temperate countries, especially in the months of the day, the virus attacked the most people.

European experts show that those who have vitamin d shortages, a large part of them (17 percent) has been victims of COVID-19-fashioned complications or death. Recently, a scientist Li Jhong and Yunhui Louis in a Chinese research paper suggested that only Vitamin A, Vitamin D, with Covid-19 patient or risky people Omega 3 fatty acids, jink, selenium,

Considering these, in March, the ESPEN (European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism) recommends a guideline related to Covid-19 that the daily vitamin and necessary minerals to understand the demand at the time to reduce the risk of Covid-19. Especially the adult, old, whose food is less tent, there are recommendations to the victims and malnutrition of such a person and malnutrition.

Many people think that many are suffering from Vitamin Dar due to lack of sunlight due to sunlight due to the lockdown. If you do not test vitamin dial levels, you can accept the supplement to meet daily needs. But at the same time, it will be focused on taking food and taking the sun’s light. 

Now let’s see what we can change in everyday food time.

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Vitamin C

An adult man daily 90 mg, and a woman’s daily 75 mg of Vitamin C requires. But smokers will need more than 35 milligrams. Daily 85 milligrams of pregnancy women and mother of 120 mg daily.

Vitamin C is available from fruits and vegetables. At this time, the fruit of the torque, such as lemon, oranges, malta, grapefruit, tomato, greed etc., such as spinach, broccoli, capsicum, raw chilli etc. A orange or lemonade will receive 70 to 80 milligrams of Vitamin C.

There are plenty of vitamins in our casual food, so everyone will not need this supplement. But smokers, older people, who take milk without breast feeding, who have digestion or metabolism problems, can be given their supplements.

Vitamin D

At normal time an adult man needs 600 to 800 units Vitamin D Daily. But at this time of Kovid, at this time, Harvard Medical School Professor Joaon Manson, advised to accept 1000 to 2000 unit supplements daily outside.

Sufficient Vitamin D is available in the sunlight, so at least 30-40 minutes in the body should be the sunlight in the body between 11 am to 3 pm. Apart from this, sea fish, egg yolk, nuts, fertidides are found in vitamin d.


Zink helps prevent infections and help to increase the power of disease. Doctors have long been with jing supplements of children during diarrhea or pneumonia long ago. At the time of Covid-19 epidemic, interest in Zink has increased further.

There is jing in meat, seedbagby food, nuts, whole shows. Supplements can be eaten during the epidemic, but it should not be more than 40 milligrams (4 milligrams for children).

The balanced combination of proper nutrition, meat, vitamins and minerals help us to maintain the ability of disease. So at this time, pay attention to nutritious balanced diet. Supplements can be accepted if necessary.

But remember, only Vitamin Supplements will not protect you from the infection. Regular hand wash, use mask, maintaining social distance, and adhering to hygiene is the best way to prevent it.


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